About Us / LashAgora

Our history

LashAgora is an international false eyelash construction competition and conference based in Austria / Vienna.

We have decided to organize the false eyelash construction competition and conference in Hungary for the first time in 2022.

Address: Société 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 15.

Countless interests and visits by professionals encouraged us to hold our event in Budapest, in a place that is maximally suitable for this, and which meets all expectations in terms of quality and capabilities.

Therefore, we are waiting for the applications of professionals to compete in a competition whose name is internationally recognized and more than 1,000 competitors have participated in it over the years. One of the world’s most recognized, most popular and guaranteed fair competitions among professionals.

Champion of Champions

Be the champion at the LashAgora event this year and take home the cup for the absolute winner, the title of Champion of Champions, many valuable prizes and the opportunity to follow the event as a jury next year!

All participants receive a certificate and gift packages. The winners can also take home additional gifts and a goblet!


Now is your time!

Show me what you can do!

Why choose LashAgora?

It's time to take part in a truly outstanding and professional event! Sufficient time is available for the competition numbers and we also pay a lot of attention to the features of the environment.

Clear competition rating

International jury, verifiable evaluations, distributed evaluation sheets that support your development. Three competitive color categories, master, professional and expert.

Competitive support

We take care of the right competition conditions, we monitor the humidity and the possibilities, so that all conditions are given for a good competition.

Online competitions

Az élő verseny mellett online versenyzésre is van lehetőség azoknak akik nem tudnak részt venni az eseményeken.

Gala dinner and getting to know each other

The winners of the competitions will be announced at the gala dinner. Here, colleagues also have the opportunity to communicate with each other. You can get to know the members of the jury even within the framework of a professional conversation.

Our Partners

The LashAgora event of 2022 was supported by our partners below: