Color Effekt 3-6 D live championship

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Color Effekt 3-6 D live championship

Allowed usable thicknesses: 0,07/0,06/ 0,05/ 0,04/ 0,03.

All shades of brown and black are considered basic colors. It must contain at least 50% colored false eyelashes.



A maximum of 2 years of professional experience. Starting with the first bachelor’s degree.


A maximum of 5 years of professional experience. Starting with the first bachelor’s degree. Or if you have already achieved 1st place in this category at master level.


More than 5 years of professional experience. Starting with the first bachelor’s degree. If you have already achieved 1st place in this category at the professional level, and if you are a specialist teacher.

We only take into account the results of live competitions.

Available time: 150 minutes (2022. 10. 28. 15:30-18:00)

The available time is the actual application time, i.e. the first false eyelashes are applied. Cleaning, preparation, applying eye pads, drawing, etc., can be done 15 minutes before the start. So you can start the first false eyelash application at 13:00. This gives you enough time to create your set easily, precisely and perfectly.

Why choose a live championship?

Unlike live competitions, online competitions show actual knowledge and level. Furthermore, the given situation helps a lot in developing, speeding up and perfecting our technique. The evaluations received from the juries also serve our long-term development. And last but not least, the greats of the profession can easily notice your talent!

Why choose our live competition? Color Effekt 3-6 D live championship

We could write this list quite long, but we will try to summarize the most important points for you!

Our organizer, Hajnalka Simon-Lendvai, participated in many international competitions as a competitor, and was also a speaker and jury at the biggest competitions. He encountered many positive and negative things. He created the competition based on his own experiences with unique rules. This series of events is loved by the professional giants because every detail of the organization is precise, precise and detailed, and a great emphasis is placed on fair and irreproachable competition.
He personally informs the competitors, as well as the last check before the start. During the competition, he supervises the calm and appropriate working conditions, and if anyone has a problem with any kind of raw material he has brought with him, he helps everyone! 🙂
The international presence of the judges guarantees that your friend’s friend won’t get better points! 😀
All participants receive the scoring sheets directly at the end of the judging, so if anyone has any questions or problems, they can be clarified personally in the presence of the model and the jury member.
Enough time for perfect sets! 🙂

Scoring criteria – Color Effekt 3-6 D live championship

I recommend reading this and thinking about it!

What do you bring with you? What will you need?

your necessary materials, we recommend at least 2 types of glue
what you have to give the model before the jury room: 2 pairs of eye pads, eyelash brush
your lamp, pillow, blanket for your model, if you need it (your own chair, if you want your usual home comfort :))
a chocolate in case you need a little energy in the meantime
patience and perseverance

Gala dinner – Dress code: Black and Gold

As the end of this series of extraordinary events, the gala dinner will be held on the evening of the 3rd day, including the announcement of the results. This evening is an elegant, pleasant and friendly event that no one wants to miss. However, places are limited. Who doesn’t want to dress nicely, do business, talk and get to know each other in a luxurious environment accompanied by champagne and delicious food! Not to mention taking home a couple of glasses 😀 This evening is the crowning glory of our event.

It doesn’t matter how many live competitions you participate in, you have the opportunity to buy a gala ticket for all of them. You can come alone or with a companion or even accompanied by companions. If you want to see the people who are important to you by your side, it is important to buy the right number of tickets now. If the space runs out, unfortunately this will no longer be possible. Thank you for your understanding!

Exclusive gala dinner price: 40 Euro/ Person

Important informations!

Announcement of results live: 9:00 p.m. on October 30, 2022.

All of our participants receive a certificate and high-value sponsor packages, and the winners and special prize winners, thanks to our sponsors, receive wonderful, valuable and useful extra gift packages in addition to the certificate and, of course, a beautiful cup! 🙂

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Gala Evening Ticket

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