Eyelash Lifting/ Eyebrow Lamination Online Championship

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Eyelash Lifting/ Eyebrow Lamination Online Championship

Important informations!

We only accept photos without names and logos.
Photo processing and retouching is not allowed.
Providing branding or information to any jury member will result in immediate disqualification.
We only accept high-quality, sharp photos, otherwise we will contact you by email, after which you have the opportunity to submit new photos. If this does not happen, we will upload the existing ones to the jury members. However, they have the right to withdraw from the assessment.
Participation is only possible by submitting a work that has not yet appeared anywhere and you have not participated in another competition with it. The exception is if the two competitions take place at the same time. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
Each participant can participate in as many categories as they wish, even with several works.
What photos should be submitted?

What is most important? It should be close-up shots, in sufficient lighting and, of course, a sharp, detailed work photo.

Front view photo
Work process photos: combed eyelashes on the silicone bench
Work process photos: lotion 2 on eyelashes
Then a photo from the eye
After that, a close-up photo is selected

For eyebrow lamination, the combed or glued eyebrows must of course be photographed, without a silicone pad.

How long and where should the pictures be sent – Eyelash lifting/eyebrow lamination online competition
to the email address info@lashagora.hu, the pictures in the attachment, submission deadline: 10/25/2022.

Announcement of results live: 9:00 p.m. on October 30, 2022.

All of our participants will receive a certificate, and the winners and special prize winners, thanks to our sponsors, will receive beautiful, valuable and useful gift packages in addition to the certificate and, of course, a beautiful goblet! 🙂

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