LashArt online Championship




LashArt online Championship

Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Important informations!

We only accept photos without names and logos.
Photo editing and retouching is not allowed, only and only 1 photo is an exception: Freely chosen project work.
Providing branding or information to any jury member will result in immediate disqualification.
We only accept high-quality, sharp photos, otherwise we will contact you by email, after which you have the opportunity to submit new photos. If this does not happen, we will upload the existing ones to the jury members. However, they have the right to withdraw from the assessment.
Participation is only possible by submitting a work that has not yet appeared anywhere and you have not participated in another competition with it. The exception is if the two competitions take place at the same time. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
Maximum number of photos and videos that can be submitted based on the specified parameters: 7. Minimum number of pieces: 5.
The thickness and arc used must be included in the attachment or in the submitted image.
Each participant can participate in as many categories as they wish, even with several works.

What photos should be submitted to the LashArt competition?

What is most important? It should be close-up shots, in sufficient lighting and, of course, a sharp, detailed work photo.

It can be a photo in front, or a full face photo.
From a completed eyelash set (at a distance of max. 30 cm) – face photo – with eyes closed
From a completed eyelash set (from a distance of max. 30 cm) – face photo – with open eyes
A close-up shot from one side, the distance from the eyelid, the frame line and the gluing surface should be clear.
Full body photo showing the costume, makeup, hair and all the details. More photos may be received.
Free project work!

How long and where should the pictures be sent?

to the email address, the pictures in the attachment, submission deadline: 10/25/2022.

Important tips:

It’s a Lashart competition, where everything will be taken into account. So pay a lot of attention to the eyelashes of the models to be made, they should be sufficiently colorful and decorative – both at the bottom and at the top! There are no limits! Furthermore, the makeup creation, on the face and in open areas, hair, decorative elements, costume – if applicable – and of course the overall image. There are no limits! 🙂 A lot depends on the quality of the photo, the photos should be taken with adequate and thorough lighting. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a professional camera. You can also include a short description of what drove you, what your vision was and how you experienced this hard project work!

We wish all participants good luck!

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