Raquel Garcia

Raquel Garcia

Director of Lash Extend Spain and Head of spanish Master Trainers

Director of Lash Extend Spain and Head of spanish Master Trainers. Expert and trainer in eyelashes and eyebrows. International judge and speaker at the most renowned competitions and conferences worldwide. Her passion for the art of eyelashes and eyebrows began 7 years ago when she pioneered the most innovative techniques in Spain. 

▪️Lash Extend Master trainer, speaker and judge.
▪️Henna Couture Master Trainer
▪️Judge at the Lash and Brow Channel the Americas online contest.
▪️Judge and speaker at the World Lash Forum Cancun, Mexico.
▪️Judge at the Lash Word Cup 2020 Amsterdam.
▪️Speaker at My Style Lash Marathon
▪️Judge at Combat Lashes Brazil.
▪️Judge at the Lashes Brazil online Open
▪️Judge at Lash a Man 
▪️Judge at the Lash Art Contest 2.0
▪️Speaker at the Corona Lash training
▪️Speaker at the Integra I World Lash conference
▪️Judge at the Lash Gold Star Iran Lash & Brow Contest 2020
▪️Judge at Lash Gold Star Iran
▪️Judge at the Lash Effects Championship
▪️Judge at the Lash and Eyebrow Contest 2020
▪️Judge at the Lash Masterpiece
▪️Judge at Intrigo Lashes Milano
▪️Judge at Lash Fantasy Halloween
▪️Judge at Lash and Brow Online Cup
▪️Judge at Athlantic Lash Competition 1st
▪️Judge at Charme Competition
▪️Judge at Athlantic Lash Competition 2nd
▪️Judge at the Diamond World Lash Cup
▪️Judge at the Artistic Supreme 2021
▪️Judge at Illusion Lashes Championship
▪️Judge at Lebliny Beauty Competition
▪️Judge at Lash Ángels Competition
▪️Judge at Italy Grand Championship
▪️Judge at Art Masters 2022


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