Szabina Sági

Szabina Sági


I am Szabina Sági, the founder of the Paradise Visage brand, the Hungarian managing director of InLei Hungary. I teach false eyelashes, make false eyelashes, and make-up tattoos. My goal is to deal with the beauty of the face in a complex way, emphasizing naturalness.

He is constantly driven by the pursuit of perfection, as solving precise and meticulous tasks has always filled me with a sense of satisfaction. I like to see continuous development in myself, because in this profession every day is a new challenge. I try to pass on this positive attitude, the love of the profession, and the joy inherent in precise work in my education. I like to show that natural can also be spectacular!

I competed actively for years, participated in 11 competitions in 7 different countries, and was awarded a total of 15 times. My podium finish in the Classic category at the 2018 Les Victoires Du Regard world competition in Paris is of great value to me.

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